I was holding Gabby the other day. It was actually Christmas Day. For those of you who don’t know, Gabby is my four year old daughter. She’s our baby. I was carrying her to the van and I said: “Merry Christmas Gabby” to which she replied: “Merry Christmas daddy”. She melted my heart with that simple response to me, and I realized in that moment how big the smallest things truly are.

We often refer to moments like that one as the “little” things in life. Tell that to any parent who’s lost a child and would give anything to be able to hear their child say “Merry Christmas”. I am learning how “big” moments with the people we love truly are. I don’t want to take for granted the opportunities I have to be with the people I love.

The Christmas season is coming to a close and undoubtedly you’re out of eggnog and your tree is dying. You’re probably starting to dread taking down all the lights and garland you put up around the house, but before you close the chapter on this season, look someone dear to you in the eyes and tell them what’s really in your heart for them. Then, as we approach a new decade, make it a point to cherish the life that God has blessed you to live and the people God has blessed you to have in your life. Our lives are but vapors, flickers of light in comparison to eternity. We are here one moment and gone the next. Don’t wait until the “little” things in life become the “big” things before you genuinely value them. Happy New Year everyone!! See you next year.