There is not a sport I can think of that doesn’t have a border that establishes the boundaries the game is played in. Over the years there have been spectacular feats of athletic skill performed outside the boundaries of the “field of play” that were tremendously impressive, but amounted to nothing more than a side-show circus act in relationship to winning and losing. Lebron James can make all the underhanded half-court shots he wants from beyond the out of bounds line, but it will never get him one of the FOUR championships Kobe Bryant has. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!

With the understanding that we all have about boundary lines, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand what the word boundless means. If I were to tell you I was going to get some boneless chicken wings your expectation would be all the chicken none of  the bones. In like manner the word boundless should express that there are no boundaries. The subject being described when I use the term boundless refers to something that is without an out of bounds line. Everything is in play. Everything counts.

The Bible describes God’s power and mercy as boundless to us in scriptures like: 1Peter chapter 1, Ephesians chapter 3, and several other passages within scripture. God’s love for us is boundless. His grace is boundless. His compassion is boundless and on and on the list goes. None of this is new to anyone who’s been to a Bible teaching church even one time. We understand in theory that there is no boundary to God’s desire for us to draw close to Himself, but when it comes time to play the game of life, we have a hard time not feeling “out-of-bounds” sometimes. We can believe that God’s mercy will apply to the small issues of life. For instance, if I drive 57 in a 35, I can believe that God isn’t mad at me for that. I mean, come on, who doesn’t drive faster than the speed limit. It may be “wrong”, but it’s still “inbounds”. What happens, however, when I have sex out-of-wedlock? What if I drink more than I should and get drunk? What if I explore homosexuality? What if I don’t tithe? Still “inbounds”? Is “all” sin really equal in God’s eyes? If so, why is it so hard to believe that God still loves me and has a plan for my life when I’ve committed any of these things? Why do these things  make me feel so………… out-of-bounds?

Jesus came to us to free us from the law and all of it’s restrictions. I’m not saying He came to eliminate the practice of doing the “right thing”. He didn’t come to get rid of the rules. He came to expand the playing field. Before Jesus people played on a court that was too small to stay in bounds. People couldn’t move to the right or to the left and still be in the field of play. Jesus came to offer the “boundless riches of His mercy” to all of us, so that we could play the game and win even in areas that were previously out-of-bounds. Man looks at the outside, but God sees the heart. God knows the intent of the heart and He is happy with the effort we make to live righteously knowing that our effort is not what saves us anyway. God isn’t shocked by our failure and He’s not mad about them either. He is not a referee waiting for the opportunity to blow the whistle and declare us out-of-bounds. His mercy, love, and power are boundless, and the only way we are disqualified  is if we quit playing. Jesus expanded the playing field. You’re still winning no matter where you find yourself in the field of play because God is for you. Keep you’re head up. No matter what you may be facing today or what you may have done, you’re not out-of-bounds!