When I was sixteen years old I drove a 1989 or 90 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I named her Lucy. She was my first car, and I loved her. She was a two door,  tan with tan, cloth interior, had a cassette player and am/fm radio. I was riding in style in ’96, but I had no clue how to take care of a car. I just knew how to drive it, but not how to maintain it. I’ll never forget the day Lucy caught on fire on my way to school. I had my younger brother with me, and smoke started emanating from under the hood through the vents of the dashboard and  into our faces. I turned to my brother and calmly said: “Get out of the car”. Perhaps it was my calm demeanor, or just innocent naivety from an eight year old, but my brother looked back at me as smoke was now cascading into the vehicle and said: “why?”. Needless to say we both got out of the car and shortly there after Lucy erupted into flames. It was a sad, sad day.

Thank God my brother ultimately listened to me and exited the car. Can you imagine how tragic it would have been if we had spent even a moment more in the car debating the seriousness of the danger that we faced? I knew he didn’t understand the danger we faced, but I’m grateful to God he trusted me and got out.

Today you might find yourself being compelled to get out of something. Maybe a relationship, or a dead-end job. Maybe it’s a lifestyle. Whatever it is, God knows the situation you’re in better than you do, and if He is encouraging you to get out, it’s for your own good. You may not see the danger, but if He says it’s time to move on, He sees it. Don’t waste time questioning how much danger you’re “really” in. Just trust that God loves you and is passionate about keeping you safe from harm, even if you don’t understand the harm. My brother trusted his older brother and moved on, maybe today you need to trust your heavenly Father and do the same.