Have you ever seen something truly amazing? Ever been standing  on a beach with sand between your toes, a light breeze blowing against your skin,   and looked across the ocean to see the sun rise or set? Maybe you’ve seen some grievously horrible images in your life like the extreme, inhuman, violence of militants in foreign nations against women and children. When we are entranced  by anything authentically remarkable, the remarks that follow are typically one of these: “Can you believe that?” , “Did you see that?” , or “Are you watching this?”

It’s “shark week” on the discovery channel. I wondered what all the fuss was about, so I watched some of it last night. When I saw seemingly, sane men diving calmly into water that looked like a shark buffet, I text my brother and said: “Are you watching this?”. Something about extraordinary images arouses a desire within us for someone else to see what we see, and if those images are particularly horrifying, someone to help.

History tells us that people have always reacted this way to astounding images. David, the writer of most of the Psalms in the Bible, asks: “Why, Lord, do you stand far off?”. David asked this question as he was watching vile men take advantage of the weak and helpless. David was troubled by bad men becoming wealthy doing bad things without shame, and he asked God: “Are You watching this”. God, are You really going to sit by idle while innocent people are oppressed? How can You, being “all powerful” stand still and watch this happen? Sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered if God was even watching your life? Have you ever thought: “If God truly cares and is watching, why do I feel so alone in this world?”?  Have you ever wondered why such horrible tragedies happen seemingly every day if there is a loving God on duty? I have. David did. People all over the world do. You are not alone, and yes, God is watching. Our understanding of life, as wise and informed as we may be, is limited. God is always just, loving, caring, and involved. Whether you’re wondering why bad things happen to good people, or wondering why God hasn’t “answered” your prayers, know that He is watching and He is listening. We all put our trust in something.  We can either trust our doubts and fears or trust that God knows what He’s doing. I suggest the latter.