Whenever I hear the words “memory lane” I have images of a bright sunny day in a dreamy American neighborhood with white picket fences and lemonade stands on every corner. Memory Lane just sounds like a quaint little road that offers no danger or fright down it’s blissfully smooth and straight pavement.

Sadly, however, for many people memory lane is equivalent to any dark alley you can imaging. For some, given the option to stroll down memory lane or to literally walk down a dark alley in Iraq draped in an American flag, would gladly choose the flag and Iraq. Memory lane boasts of far more dangerous peril with it’s razor sharp regrets around every corner and the boom of shots fired from memories of past failures. Yes, for some Memory Lane keeps them from venturing anywhere at all because they believe that they may have to encounter the dangerous road to get to their dreams.

If I could be allowed to be cheesy (er) for a moment, I would say that life’s GPS doesn’t give the direction: “In 1.5 miles turn..left down Memory Lane” when asked to navigate the route to success, happiness, significance, peace or any other destination worth journeying toward. Memory Lane can be a fun trip or it can be a real drag. Either way, it’s not the road that leads to a full life. Never let Memory Lane become bigger than Dreamers Ave. (so cheesy LOL)