10. What else do you have to do?

9. Gives you an excuse to wear those new shoes you got for Christmas

8. The first 100 through the doors get free stuff!!! (kind of)

7. The carpet at the Tabernacle is REALLY COOL!

6. Corey and the band will keep singing and playing even if they injure a knee (no offense Jay Cutler)

5. Free wifi

4. You can still be cool at Awaken even if you can’t dance, Corey can’t and he’s still kind of cool,  sort of

3. Your grandma would want you to come

2. No animals were harmed in the making of Awaken

Lastly, drum roll please…………………………

1. Seriously, it’s a great place to connect with God and other people in the community of faith! We hope to see you there Feb26 doors open at 6:30p. Bring a picture of a friend or a loved one that you are praying for, we want to do something cool together that night. See you there!  For more details visit http://coreyevan.com